Shootsafe Academy

3 Steps Required in obtaining your Guard Card.

1. Training
2. Livescan
3. Submit Paperwork


In order to obtain your Guard Card, the state requires you undergo a total of 40 hours of training. The state allows you to complete this one of 2 ways:

1.  Start out with the Level 1 class, which takes care of the first 8 of your 40 hours of training. This is the minimum requirement to apply for your guard card. This does NOT mean you are complete with your training, however. You will have 32 hours remaining to complete.  (Levels II, and III)

2.  Complete the full
40 hours in one week, 8 hours each day broken down over 5 days (Monday through Friday).

The pricing for this level by level is as follows:

Level I (Part 1 of 3) (One Day/8 Hours):  $49.00

Level II (Part 2 of 3) (Two Days/16 Hours):  $65.00  (You have 30 days from employment to complete this)

Level III (Part 3 of 3) (Two Days/16 Hours):  $65.00  (You have 6 months from employment to complete this)

OR if you'd like to
take it all at once, it is a $165.00 training course.  (That's a $15.00 discount from taking it all separately, however it must all be completed within 30 days.)


The next step the state requires is to undergo a Livescan, which is a fingerprinting and background check. This is to be completed after the training, and you can do this with your local Sheriff, most UPS locations, or any authorized livescan operator.

The common cost for the livescan for the Guard Card ranges from $60-$70, depending on where you go.


​The final step to completing your Guard application, and getting your physical Guard Card in hand is to submit your Guard Application (filled out on the first day of class), and a copy of your Livescan form (after you have completed the livescan process), along with a $50.00 application processing fee (this is used for application processing, and producing your physical guard card).

To mail in your application, you would send it in to:
P.O. Box 989002 West Sacramento, CA 95798-9002
Or if you would like to apply online:

After you have completed these three steps (The Training, The Livescan, and Applying), there will be a wait which can possibly take 4 to 8 weeks (or 2 to 4 weeks for veterans). You can check to see if your Guard Card has been posted on the B.S.I.S. website, and as soon as your license number appears on there, you are able to print out your information, and start looking for/applying for work until your physical Guard Card comes in the mail. (This is usually within 2 weeks of it appearing online)

To Verify a License on the B.S.I.S. Website go to:

Until you obtain your Guard License number, you LEGALLY cannot work as a Security Guard.

If for some reason, it has taken longer than 8 weeks to process, you can direct all questions to the B.S.I.S. for all complications from there. At this point in the process, all matters concerning your Guard Card is out of our hands. You can contact the B.S.I.S. at (916) 575-7000.

Any questions for us, please call
(714) 625-1507