Shootsafe Academy

CCW Training Courses

This is the 16 hour CCW training course approved by the Orange County (OC) Sheriff’s Department prior to issuing a new applicant a Conceal Carry Weapons Permit.  The course is designed to teach the students the required training in firearm safety and the allowable use of a firearm in self defense. This class is offered in a low stress environment in both a classroom setting and on the range.

A certificate of completion will be given to students who successfully pass the written and practical tests (firearms qualification) given at the end of the class. Our instructors will do everything they can to help ensure our students pass the required tests.

For Orange County Sheriff’s Department Conceal Carry Weapons License Application Click Here

For California – Orange County Conceal Carry Weapons Policy Click Here

Please do us both a favor and call for pricing. Pricing can vary from student to student. I try to set up my classes by beginner, intermediate and advanced and need to be able to speak with you in order to figure out what works best for you. If you request a price by email I will assume you are a beginner.

For California DOJ FAQ’S Click Here

Initial CCW Permit 16 Hour course. Call for pricing.

Multi State CCW Permits-Utah, Arizona, and Florida.   Click Here

CCW 4 Hour Renewal Class plus AmmunitionClick Here

Included in course fees:​

  • Lecture
  • Course materials
  • Targets

Ammunition costs are not included. Required minimum qualification rounds varies upon the county. Bring (or purchase at the range) at least 72 rounds per firearm for qualification. Ammunition for practice is at the student’s discretion.

Each additional firearm:  No Charge

Required Equipment:

  • Valid government issued photo ID.
  • Firearm(s) that you want included on your CCW permit.
  • Ammunition for each firearm that you want to have on your CCW permit. Each qualifying course of fire is 72 rounds per firearm.
  • Range safety equipment such as eye and hearing protection. These items can be rented at the range.
  • 2 magazines or speed loaders